Kevin DSP Sinewave “ALBS”

Kevin ALBS- Automatic Lift Backup System, is a 3 Phase DSP Sinewave Inverter designed to generate 3 phase 4 wire output to support Lifts / Elevators during utility failure. In addition to this, important loads like staircase, parking, compound & common lights and security systems can be run through this innovative product.

Kevin ALBS is a unique combination of DSP Sinewave 3 phase inverter, storage, battery charger and an electronics change over module. The charger is an isolated boost converter battery, to provide Constant Voltage & Constant Current. It charges the battery bank whenever the utility supply is available.

The inverter provides 3 phase 4 wire regulated Sinewave to the lift and other related load, utilizing the energy stored in battery bank. The inverter is customized to handle high inrush current capable of driving motor loads such as Elevators (lift,) Water Pumps, Fire Pumps etc.

Kevin ALBS offers comprehensive solution to most critical application & incorporates an array of outstanding user friendly features keeping in mind the day-to-day needs and long term technical and commercial viabilities.

Technical Specifications
Rating4KVA TO 4 KVA
AC input range275-475 Volt
Charging power factor> =.9
DC voltage72 /96/180/276/360 Volt DC
Charger type ASICASIC
Charging time10 hours for 90% full battery capacity
Inverter TechnologyDSP Sinewave
Out put Voltage 400 Volt/230 Volt per phase
Inverter efficiency > 90%
Over load105% for 1 hour
Harmonic distortion < 3%
Crest factor4:1
Power factor0:8
Phase displacement120 0 +- 10
Audible noiseLess then 45 db at 1 meter
General Environment (0 0 c to 50 0 c) maximum 98% non condensing

Change Over : Electronics change over

Display : Mains voltage, mains frequency, out put voltage, out put load% on battery and mains Mains mode, battery voltage, battery low alarm, battery low shutdown, out put frequency, over Load & short protection.

Protection :
Mains low /high, battery low, over load / short ciruit, mains over load

* Technical Specifications can be changed according to actual applications